hypnotherapy albuquerque nm


“I had three virtual hypnotherapy sessions with Sam for test anxiety. He is really great to work with. He listened carefully to what I wanted to work on and focused exactly on that during our sessions. He has a very soothing voice and I have really benefited from listening to his recordings of the guided hypnotherapy which he also provides. I especially appreciate that Sam does this work because he truly believes in it and wants to help heal. He spent extra time with me when I needed it without asking for any compensation. I felt a lot calmer than I have ever felt during my exam and passed with a great score. My work with Sam definitely paid off. I highly recommend Sam as a very skilled hypnotherapist.”

P Malek, a year ago

“I went to Sam for improving relationships and for a health issue.
Sam listened carefully to what I was experiencing and what my goals
are. On the third session, I felt a great improvement and we went very deep. He is no longer in Albuquerque, but virtual sessions work equally well.”

Connie Knudson, 11 months ago

“Not only did Sam help me quit smoking, which is a big deal, he helped me get in touch with parts of myself I didn’t know were accessible. He made it easy to trust the process and trust him. It’s worth the process.”

E Thornton, 7 months ago

“Sam is amazing. I had never done hypnotherapy before and was nervous about finding someone that was the “real deal”. Sam is a caring practitioner with knowledge and tools to help guide and facilitate your healing. If you are willing to be open and do the work, you will get so much out of your sessions.”

Melissa Milligan, 2 years ago

“Sam has an amazing way from the first time you meet him to make you feel completely at ease. I clicked with him immediately. He personalizes the sessions/audios for you. He turned me on to meditation which I now cannot live without. (I “never was able to meditate” before) Now I wouldn’t start my day without it. The combination of what Sam does and the personal client’s dedication to listen to the audio sessions with this simple meditation is very effective. I feel confident and strong and my creativity streak has been renewed tremendously. I’m able to make confident decisions that don’t leave me in a state of uncertainty, thereby having life and others control any part of my future. The positive energy that I feel and that I can create helps me deal with challenging times and not get down or feel stuck. He’s amazing and has a wonderful gift. I feel blessed to have had this help.”

A.O.R. Architects of Rhythm, 5 years ago