albuquerque hypnotherapy


Results in your life depend on your subconscious mind being in agreement with your conscious decision to make it so. It is easier to change habits of thought and behavior if you access subconscious mind because it is the store house for attitudes, values, and beliefs.

Conscious Mind

  • Thinks abstractly
  • Wishes, asperations
  • Short term memory
  • Sets goals
  • Judges results
  • Likes to try new things
  • Conceptually based
  • Time: contemplate past and future

Subconscious Mind

  • Habitual
  • Longterm memory
  • Stores beliefs, attitudes, values, experiences
  • Time: Present moment
  • Holds record and plays it back
  • Programmed reflexes
  • Monitors operations of your body, motor functions, heart rate, digestion, etc. It prefers the familiar and likes to play it safe. Its primal mission is survival. Doesn’t want new experience or something to contend with and unknown may be dangerous. Thinks literally. sensory based. We need to communicate ideas to subconscious mind to get results.


Superconscious Mind, higher self, soul, spirit

  • “Healing is when the personality is integrated with the soul.”
  • Universal mind
  • Unconditional love
  • Intuition
  • Inspired creativity