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Hypnotherapy Albuquerque NM

  • Medical Entrainment – When illness or pain is an unconscious means of connection with a loved one.
  • Secondary gain or Negative pay-off – unexpected benefit resulting from a situation; an unskillful way to meet a legitimate need.
  • Not listening and learning from pain – Suffering is the emotional experience of resisting the pain.
  • Organ Language – self talk. ex: “He makes me sick”
  • Possessing the illness – “My bad habit”
  • Killer stress – stress reduces function in immune system, digestive system, reproductive system, and higher mind functioning. Stress also weakens body’s ability to overcome cancer cells, bacteria, viruses. It slows natural healing from surgery.
  • Lack of forgiveness – Forgiveness is letting go negative effects on you from an event. Holding on the resentment towards the perpetrator is like drinking poison expecting him to die.

“Only the strong forgive” -Ghandi