About Sam

cropSam Maitri, CMS-CHt, FIBH

Certified Medical Support – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fellow of International Board of Hypnotherapy

Sam Maitri has been exploring the power of mind for lifetimes. Throughout all of his exploring, Sam has been able to draw upon tangible ways to utilize mind as a tool in many diverse aspects in his life. He has attended comprehensive courses in natural remedies, body work, energy work, yoga, and intuitive guidance. He has a passion for studying history, religion, and philosophy. All of these studies have contributed to his success in creating his ideal life of being a steward of conscious evolution. When Sam found hypnotherapy, it was a celebratory moment in his life. “Hypnotherapy is the only universal healing method that I have yet discovered. Instead of treating the symptoms, with hypnotherapy, the explorer, goes directly to the root of the problem and easily reverses the limitation. It doesn’t matter how big or small, the limiting belief is easily and quickly reversed.”

A few years ago, Sam joined his wife in creating UnU Retreat Center in Embudo NM, where he is currently practicing hypnotherapy and teaching workshops.

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