Book Review: Love is Letting Go of Fear

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Book Review: Love is Letting Go of Fear

Love is Letting Go of Fear, is well organized and very user friendly.  Jerry Jampolsky, MD has added hand drawn cartoons so you can visualize the concepts and easily remember them. This amazing book gives the reader a clear understanding of what Love is and how to consciously choose to experience it.

Everyone is either expressing love or fear, which is actually a call for help. I think it’s fair to assume that almost all people want to feel good. Fear expression shows up as an attack on self or others.  Fear forms as anxiety, depression, jealously, etc.  It’s a whole lot easier to have compassion for difficult family relatives who attack when you realize that their attack does NOT mean anything about you, it simply means that they are experiencing fear in various forms.

When peace of mind is your single goal, forgiveness becomes the single function. Forgiveness does not condone they wrongful acts of the offender. Forgiveness means to let go the negative effects that the event had on you. Forgiveness is your means of choosing happiness. I’ll add a buddha quote here for some perspective, “Holding on to anger towards someone else is like drinking poison and expecting them to die.”  Forgiveness is giving yourself a break and allowing yourself to be in true reality which is that of Love – outpouring of Joy, fulfillment, and happiness.


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